BP002 - 12" VA

by Alan Delius, Adam Strömstedt

  • BP002 - 12" VA

    Label: Banoffee Pies
    Catalogue No: BP002
    Release Type: WHITE LABEL. / LIMITED PRESS (500) / INSERT
    Various Artists: Alan Delius and Adam Strömstedt
    Genre: House/Techno/Break Beat/Hip Hop/Down Tempo
    Release Date: 10/12/14

    LISTEN HERE: bit.ly/2f4uOLn

    Track Names:
    A1 – Alan Delius – When We
    A2 – Adam Stromstedt – Scuze Me
    A3 – Adam Stromstedt – Refelktioner 17.19
    B1 – Adam Stromstedt – The 3rd Bass
    B2 – Alan Delius – Joe Doesn’t Pass

    Banoffee Pies present their second limited press white label release following the successful cosmic disco-infused debut BP01. This time, BP02 takes a whole new angle, further complimenting the open-minded, anything-goes approach the guys at Banoffee have adopted for their imprint. This VA hosts two talented Stockholm-born artists and proud members of the Junk Yard Connections crew, Adam Strömstedt and Alan Delius.

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    Sold Out


released December 10, 2014


tags: Bristol


Banoffee Pies Records Bristol, UK

Creativity without order. A platform for music with no signature sound - for the lovers and listeners.

An independent record label come dj and party collective based in Bristol, focused on intimate parties and forward thinking dance music ideologies.

Stay peeled. BP X
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